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Getting The Job Done Has Never Been More Fun.

Work for many people is changing, and you have to admit that itís like a silent revolution occurring for many of us who do our job on computers and the Internet. Itís not just a trend; more and more people are working freelance or simply getting things done at the home office. The Internet has given us the power to do our work in our own space, still connected to others of importance, all while saving much time and many resources that were still necessary a decade ago.

Iím a creative writer working for an Internet company. I can write my articles and stories on my laptop computer no matter where I am, then send them as files via my email or messenger service. My parents are both academics working at universities in the local area. The funny thing is, and the incredible power of freedom that theyíve unwittingly (or not?) achieved, is that they hardly ever go into their offices at the schools. They get everything done in the comfortable space of their home.

This has so many positive repercussions when looking at the changing paradigm of the modern-day workforce. First of all, it is empowering many people in that they can do their work by their own volition. No one is standing next to them in the office spouting off small-talk about the weekend or telling them what they should be doing, so they can get on with the job at hand with limited distraction. My parents are both workaholics so it also means they can just get up and work whenever they feel like it; there isnít any restriction brought about by the old issue of transport.

The Internet

This has huge implications. How much time is wasted in a day commuting to and from your place of employment? Consider the amount of fossil fuels that are saved, and consequently the environmental benefits of not having to travel everyday. The amount of time available to do actual work increases massively as Iím sure you know some people who spend whole hours travelling to and from their jobs.

Some would argue that one could feel isolated if they worked at home alone. The truth is however, you are more connected than ever. My father has three-way work conferences on webcams using voice-over IP. You can see and hear your colleagues, as well as having the option of writing messages to them in both email and messenger services. Sharing information is easy as you can send files and links to websites with a click of a button.

As I said before, the issue of time is greatly affected by no longer having to travel. It goes further than this. Fifty years ago our grandparents had to clock-in at the beginning and end of the day. Not anymore. Say you have to work a standard 8 hour day. Itís up to you how you construct your schedule. This means that you can go to the gym in the morning, and pick up the kids after school without any questions being asked. You get to work out your routine so that the proper amount of time for work gets completed, but within your preferred time periods. The result of this newfound freedom is happiness, and we all know a happy worker is a productive and creative worker.

Freelance work from home is now becoming a more prominent type of job structure in our society. You can be your own boss. This was unheard of a century ago for anyone but the millionaires. The hierarchy of the age-old company dissolves for you as you specialise in an area of expertise which companies and individuals require to achieve their success. Working from home means you can save a lot of capital that used to be deemed necessary when running a business. Iím talking about rental fees for office space, not to mention office equipment.

The Internet is taking the idea of workplace to a new level. If youíre on the road, in a foreign country, or at the park, you can still get things done. Laptops have long-lasting batteries, and new wireless broadband Internet services connect you to the World Wide Web whenever you are in the proximity of a Ďhotspotí. It would have been astonishing to be able to do work at the beach and have the means to send it to your employer or customer. Oh, how the working life is changing! This means life in general is evolving as work is such an important element for human survival and achievement. Are you tired of your old dead-end job? Get creative with your thinking and join the new generation of people who donít just work to live. Live to work.

About the Author:

Jesse S. Somer Jesse S. Somer sees a world of creative individuals who are becoming more productive, more connected, and most importantly, happier to be at work. Jesse S. Somer is a creative writer working at http://M6.Net: ĎThe web-hosting company for humans.í http://M6.Net is working hard to help humanity experience the power and freedom



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