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How To Cope After Loosing Your Job

Sincerely speaking, dealing with the impact of job loss takes some time to leave, but the easiest way to recover from this trauma is to accept the reality however unpleasant it may be by investing your time in some activities that will make you live your dream and become what you plan to be in life.


When you lose a job, there are various options open to you as the way forward.

1. One of the first things that come to mind is to consider getting another job right away: This option may be good for you if you are still below the age of 35 years or there is a strong promise of being absorbed somewhere else.

2. You may think of relocating to another country or city as many people are doing now to pursue their career there, but you also have to consider a lot of factors like the cost of relocating, the certainty of getting an appropriate job for your status and qualification and finally you may need to consider the impact such a decision will have on your family,

3. The other option that interests me most which is the main focus of this article is to consider the option of creating opportunity in your difficulty.

After much worry and feeling of self-doubt about your future after you have lost your job; life continues and as such you need to accept the realty quickly and move forwards by envisioning yourself to achieving greater success in whatever you decide to do being on your own.

The most preferred future anyone between the age bracket of 35 and above who find himself out of paid job could build is to begin to do what he/she believes in or what he has been dreaming to become long before he lost the job and by so doing he/she would succeed in attaining freedom from career enslavement and the hassles of labor market.

Come to think of it, if a man in his 37 lost his job and decides to get another one; how long can he stay on the job before he asked to go again? This is the reason why I believe a period of job loss is a period of harvest for those that believe in themselves.

If you have been dreaming of setting up a business you can call your own, this is possibly the right time to bring such a dream into reality, Let me remind you that every good thing starts with a dream. If you have a particular business that has been burning in your heart long before you lost the job or you have been imagining how you can possibly get out of the rat race and the fear of the evolving downsizing that pervades todayís labor market, you are now in a better position to obey your instinct simply by translating all the experience and skills you have acquired as an employee into one form of enterprise or the other.

I believe the job loss is for a purpose as it marks the beginning of your harvest season and it provides you with the greatest opportunity to receive answers to your long outstanding prayers. I recollect one of those sayings of the Business Mentor that there are lots of people with potential to become great but would not until they are forced out of their present luxury, you can actually start to build your own lasting legacy and luxury.

Therefore, I encourage you to think of more opportunity and positive things ahead of you than your present difficulties, replace the self-defeating thought going through your mind now with the hope of a greater future as an emerging MD/CEO where nobody dictates how you spend your time, and nobody dictates the limit of your greatness.

Are you confused about what to do and how to go about it? Donít worry, I agree with you there are so many challenges you have to overcome but these challenges are not as tough as you think. All you need is to build up the courage and believe if others can, then you too can. I also encourage you to study and make researches into the experiences and advice of those successful entrepreneurs in your choosing area, get their winning strategies you can explore to build your business.

If you are still worried about what business to do and how to start, you can take these tips as a useful guide to overcome those challenges.

1. The first thing you must understand is the fact that starting and nursing any business successfully takes some time and it requires careful planning and lots of patience.

2. Be that as it may, knowing the type of business to do will entail asking yourself what interest you have and where your strength lies

3. Engage yourself in a formal or informal feasibility study to confirm if the business idea you have stand a better chance of success.


4. If after this you are still not sure of what to do, then I advice you to seek advice from any Offline/Online Entrepreneurs, There are lots of good Internet Business you can do.
Until you do this exercise carefully and come up with a reliable and profitable business idea that stands a better chance of success in the present economic circumstances you are advice not to part with your capital.

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I lost it all-or so I thought! You really do not know what you have until you loose it-and then you realise it really was not that much! Then get on with what you really want to do!
Thank you, one thing I found myself doing was worrying about what I was loosing.  How I let this happen.  Never was I looking at it that this was a wonderful opportunity.


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