Tips For Curing A Golf Slice

Is that golf slice causing you a major headache on the golf course? Consider these tips for curing a golf slice and improve your game.

(1) Many golfers have a problem with the slice and have found help by taking lessons. Lessons are offered at most courses and clubs.

(2) Line up your golf ball on the heel of the club at your address to promote a swing path that is inside out.

(3) Griping your golf club in your fingers can add distance on your drive. You should take your golf club straight back during your backswing, changing the swing plane on the downswing to an inside out version.

(4) Go to the library or a book store and find magazines or books that address the problem. Read up on tips for curing a golf slice.

(5) Rent or buy a video that has ways for curing a golf slice. Videos are good because you can actually see the instructions.

Golf Swing

(6) Consider purchasing a training aid.

(7) An "offset" driver may be helpful.

(8) Talk to other golfers and see what tips for curing a golf swing they may be able to share.

(9) Visit with the golf pro at the place where you golf. Golf pros are often able to help golfers who are experiencing the "slice".

(10) Practice, practice, practice. Work on your slice every time you are at the course.

(11) Watch golfers on television. Pay attention to the way they move and swing.

(12) Sometimes it is mind over matter. You can try thinking about your golf swing in a positive way. Don't get discouraged.

(13) You may need to focus on your core rotational flexibility. You should be able to initiate the downswing with your lower body so that your upper body does not get ahead of it.

Use these tips for curing a golf slice and look forward to your next golf outing.

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