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Why Is The Tulip Flower So Popular?

The Tulips that appeared so widely in 17th Century flower paintings were complicated hybrids, originally cultivated in the gardens of Turkish sultans. These long, curvaceous flowers have pointed petals and bear the closest resemblance to the original Turkish tulips. The name, in fact is derived from the Turkish word for Turban, because that is what people thought the tulip flowers resembled. Species tulips grow from 10-30cm tall and boast leaves and flowers that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A few species tulips are from warm climates and don't need a cold period to flower.


The tulip bulb, whether a Holland tulip bulb or neighborhood one, adds beautiful color to any flower garden after a long winter. The tulip flower bulb plant variety (such as tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths and others), can have a hugely attractive effect on any garden. The whole purpose of a tulip bulb is to flower. Each tulip flower has a glass tube inside to protect the bulb from the weather and stands 24" high. Sandy soil is best for Tulips (or any bulb) to increase and flower in later years. These amazing tulip bulbs are individually selected and packed in the heart of Holland's flower bulb region.

Red & Yellow Tulip


A Red and Yellow Tulip

Wedding favors with unique wedding favors of tulip bulb flower wedding favors. Most people think first of a tulip, when they are asked to name a flower bulb. Simply remove the lid and pour water on the flower bulb inside and three weeks later, a tulip pops up. Although the Dutch didn't know it at the time, these striped flowers were produced when a tulip bulb became infected with the Mosaic virus. One bulb of the tulip "Semper Augustus," a red and white flower with blue tinted base, was sold for 1,000 florins. It takes up to ten years for tulip seeds to grow a large enough tulip bulb to flower. You can get these beautiful tulip bulbs at any good fresh tulip shop.

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The Tulips that appeared so widely in 17th Century flower paintings were complicated hybrids, originally cultivated in the gardens of Turkish sultans. Come Find out More about Tulip Flower at



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