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The Orchid Plant: Important Aspects

The orchid plant is a beautiful, if somewhat delicate plant. The orchid plant, with a little care, can make a showy addition to any home. Once you understand their needs, orchids can become reliable plants that add beauty to any room in your home.

When you are choosing an orchid plant, it may seem like the choices are endless, and for good reason. All orchid plants belong to the family known as Orchidaceae, which is one of the largest families in the world. There are nearly 30,000 species of orchids available, all with their own wonderful characteristics. 
There are, however, similarities among the orchid plants. Most orchids grow best in a warmer temperature. Unless you live in a reasonably tropical zone you will not be able to grow orchids outdoors. With the right arrangement in your home, you should be able to grow most commercially available orchid plants in your house. 

While keeping the orchid plant in an area where it can enjoy a warm temperature is important, equally important is the need to regulate the humidity and air flow in the room. Orchid plants will grow best when they are in a room with an above average amount of humidity. Keeping your orchid protected from drafts is also important as well. Do to their inability to withstand drafts and their need for a high humidity level, orchid plants
often do well when placed in the bathroom of a home. 
You can not forget about light as well when looking for a location for your orchid. While the orchid plant needs a good amount of light to bloom, it is often difficult to find this perfect spot. Many times the obvious choice, by a window, will leave the orchid exposed to too much air flow. Orchid plants can also be grown under lights, and there are many wonderful
grow lights available that will fit into a traditional light socket. 

By growing your orchid plant under lights, or at least having the light available, in case your planned location does not work out, you will help keep your orchid plant happy. While the orchid plant may seem demanding, it really is consistent in its needs. Once you have devised a plan to raise your plant, you will likely enjoy its showy blooms for years to come. 
How can you tell if you have the best possible location for your orchid plant? While an orchid can live in less than ideal conditions, it is not likely to bloom in them. If your plant is still green, has plenty of leaves, and otherwise looks healthy, but has yet to bloom, you may want to reconsider its living conditions. Try moving your orchid plant to an area that is warmer, has more light, or a higher level of humidity. If these changes do not help, your orchid may need to be repotted.

Once you have developed a plan to successfully raise orchid plants, you may want to add to your collections. With a wide variety of commercial plants available, with many different characteristics, there is an orchid plant for everyone. Whether you make your choice based on fragrance, bloom, or by just picking the one you like best, orchid plants make a great choice for the serious gardener, or the casual hobbyist.

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