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Dating conversation can be the most awkward situation a person can ever find themselves in. Stating a dating conversation is frustrating. For many people just the anticipation is enough to make them not even try to find conversation starters.

In starting a conversation while dating you are actually at an advantage because you both already have something in common - you are on a date together, at the same place, with, hopefully, the same intentions. The only thing left to do is pick one of those three things to talk about and get started.


Comment " Tips for guys: EYES! Focus on her eyes, don't look at her clothes or body. This can easily make her conscience. Smile a lot. Girls love to see guys smiling - it's super cute. And fool around a tiny bit, we love a fun side. G'luck =]"

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The following section explains what types of conversation starters work best in a dating situation. These tips can help you to understand why certain topics result in better conversation.

Starting a conversation by commenting on something around you allows your date to participate in the conversation. You could make a comment about something interesting your date is wearing or about the place you are at.

Observant comments focus the conversation on something both of you can talk about and shows your date that you are at ease enough to be looking at things around you, not just focusing on yourself.


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Almost everyone can appreciate a good joke. People love to laugh. It releases tension and will generally put someone at ease. Adding in a little humor to your conversation will liven things up.

It will show your date you are not afraid to laugh and you are fun to be around. Be careful of focusing too much on being funny, though. Let it come naturally.

Say something interesting or unusual. Avoid being weird, though. Catch your date off guard with something that is not a cliché. Try to go outside the box and be creative.

These three conversation starter tips will help you to start out the conversation on a good note. Plus you can avoid common problems that lead to boring conversation.

The following section gives some examples of what to say to start a dating conversation.

1. Ask if his or her day was as boring as yours.
2. Ask how he or she got their current job.
3. Ask your date if he or she has ever dreamed of living somewhere else and where and why he or she would live there.
4. Comment on the unusual décor of the restaurant.
5. Comment on a current event.
6. Ask your date if he or she has a special hobby.


Always listen attentively and do not take over the conversation. Let it flow and follow the tips and suggestions here to get your dating conversations going.

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Tips for guys: EYES! Focus on her eyes, don't look at her clothes or body. This can easily make her conscience. Smile a lot. Girls love to see guys smiling - it's super cute. And fool around a tiny bit, we love a fun side. G'luck =]
this is quite good actually
i tried a few techniques out and they worked
Act shy then women want 2 find out more therefore startin a conversation
All guys wanna talk about is either SEX!, there stupid lives, or your body.... duhh! lol=] so just talk about those three things and ur all good! like for real no joke here.
Look at her eyes and then check her out directly up and down so she notices then smile
the best way is to make direct eye contact with a girl, you'll now then whether to make a move, if she glances over for that second time then you know it time for the kill, don't  try to be funny straight away just tell her how attractive she is but don't dwell on it, just get use to one another them let the rest flow naturally

while ur in mid conversation stop the waiter and ask him where u can buy roses from. its always works trust me.

if you are already on a date, then you are halfway there!, listen to what the woman says and pick parts of what she says to further the conversation and just let it flow naturally, if you get awkward silences then just try and crack a joke!

What kind of a sad act conversation would you have if you used the six conversation starters. please, women don't wana hear that they wana hear about how sexy you are and how fast you can go on your motorbike
Conversation means Nothing! Nothing at all! Just because a girl is polite enough to hold a conversation that does not mean she's interested. You need to read her interest levels by watching her body language and other signals
take the motto about women on nights out or in town ''it is unlikely you will ever meet the girl again so take the chance or definitely fail for not trying"

What sort of suggestion is that if you don't get a kiss on the first date to end it? I didn't get a kiss on the first date with my wife, and we have been together now for 17 years. Just be yourself and don't necessarily expect a kiss on the first date

conversation should flow, if it doesn't, your probably not made for each other
Be yourself!! if your not a great talker fine!! granted i could talk for ever but they're already on a date with you so there must be something about you they like!! Remember people never get bored of complements!! unless they're slimy n gross!! don't be slimy and gross!! unless your normally like that in which case you've had it!!

Maybe she's making you wait until the next date, you know the thing called tension

if you don't get a kiss on the first date, end it.

if you look at the girl always look directly into her eyes


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