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First Date Etiquette: Do's And Don'ts

Whether you admit it or not, any single men and women tend to find a partner, and mostly they find it on a date. But dating can be tough and first date is tougher. So what should you do? Simple, just arm yourself with good first date etiquette. Here are the dos and don'ts and proper first date etiquette:


Comment "dunno where to take GF on second date, last time we went Dance. Jack-17"

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When you go out on a date especially if it is first date, groom yourself properly before you go out. Wear comfortable, clean, and good clothes. Clean your toenails and fingernails, iron your clothes, wear nice watch, and clean everything that your first date can notice. Remember, you are building the foundation of the outcome of you date. The impression starts here. This basic first date etiquette on cleanliness is a must. Flirt with your date. Teasing her and making her laugh is also a parts of first date etiquette. Also, laugh at your date's jokes. Humour can make your date feel comfortable with you. It is also nice to give her a hug as soon as you met her. A little physical touch can be a good etiquette on your first date. 

First date etiquette also suggest that you should have a stimulating conversation with your date. There is no better first date than learning how to talk. Do act like a gentleman to your date, open doors for her. And if you are the lady, act as one. Complement your date once in a while is a flattering first date etiquette. Tell where you will go and finally relax and have fun. 
Keeping these proper first date etiquettes in mind assure you of a higher chance of getting a second date but that's not all. You should know what you should not do on a date. Here are some:

Avoid talking about religion and politics. Your date might have other views on these matters. It is not a good first date etiquette to look around while your date is talking. It might appear that you are not interested. Focus your attention to your date. Never ever talk about yourself too much. Never talk about your past relationships to your date. It is not a proper first date etiquette. Another secret is sharing stories and
listening intently. Don't make any offensive jokes. Don't be rude. Also, it is not good first date etiquette to pretend to be someone. Be punctual on your first date. Don't argue with her. Keep it easy. Staying cool and calm is really a good first date etiquette. 


With this first date etiquette on your mind, you should be ready to take

your date out for the first time. But there are other things you can consider to keep your date yours. One secret is to keep her wanting for more. Date should be short and meaningful. A romantic dinner should do because in that setting, you can truly impress your date with your proper first date etiquettes. Keep her hanging. Make her clueless of your next step. Give snap judgment that you have feelings toward your date. But keep your first date etiquette. Bring your date to her house. But don't tell that you like her or you love her. A simple phrase like "I had a great time" will do or "I was a pleasure to meet you" can be an alternative. Remember, don't mention directly to your date's face the phrase "So, when can we go out again. Instead, "can I call you again?" is more appropriate first date etiquette. First dates should not always lead to bed. 
One thing more: "BE SAFE."

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Bottom line, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression, and if you want a second date, make them feel that they are receiving your undivided attention. This stuff works if ya real.
dunno where to take GF on second date, last time we went Dance. Jack-17
that's really encouraging saying that god himself couldn't help you if you don't know these
I always use a nice chat up line about halfway through something really witty and clever like: You must be amazingly fit, because you've been running through my head all night. And whenever I'm on a date i like to talk about things such as movies making hints for example:
me: what movies do you like?
girl: errr...things like romance and drama
me: well what movies that are on now do you like?
girl: oooh i don't know probably.....if I'm honest
me: well how about i take you to see it then
its a good way of getting another date but obviously say it in your own way

Ok. general. But nice to read. basics. I would like to know what to talk ( with examples would be good)

Oh Christ if someone told me they loved me in less than 3 or 4 months I'd run a mile, thinking that now I'll never believe it from them, even if it is true later on. Although its good to make a brilliant first impression its also better to just be yourself, definitely better, if your not the type of guy to have a flashy watch, good, don't get one for a date that'd appreciate it...find a girl who isn't as materialistic instead. There's a world full of people, don't settle for less, seriously. The hottest thing a guy can do is be himself and make girls laugh. There's nothing worse than someone who's afraid to be themselves, you'll only find out later that they are not what they cracked up to be and people stand to get hurt.

I think this is really sad, your basing this around the views of one specific women- all women are different, it takes the rite sort of broom to swoop a women off her feet - Damion

i think, you shouldn't tell your date you love her, unless you have known her for quite abit! its really useful if you express your fantasy's so tht your date has an idea, on how you want to live your life!

Maybe you have the wrong circle of 'friends', some people can be so cruel they are just not worth keeping company with : Best of luck in your dating, your turn will come

im 18 years old and am going seriously bald. it doesn't seem to matter what i say or do the night always ends up with me getting spat and swore at! can anyone help?


Not very helpful at all, definitely not good for girls

i think saying "i love you" on a first date is a bit extreme, i thought it would make a girl think your just making that up (which you probably would be) to get in bed with her - Joe, 16

i have to disagree with the last paragraph, some girls like to be told that their date is in love with them, it allows a few  more mistakes later on - megan, 18

its good---ish.

a good page with good basis info, however I agree with the first comment, if you don't know this then god help you!

I'm 16 and if anyone doesn't know these tip's off by heart then god himself couldn't help you

Not a bad article as such, wish there more pages like this, go out plenty with my female friends but always have trouble on dates.


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First Date Etiquette

Whether you admit it or not, any single men and women tend to find a partner, and mostly they find it on a date. But dating can be tough and first date is tougher...

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