Should You Spray Paint Your Own Car Or Take it to the Workshop? - Spray Painting

There are good and bad points to both car painting yourself or having it done at a professional shop.

Reasons to Paint Your Own Car.

1. Itís a money saver or at least can be if you do it right of course. If you donít take the time to learn to do it properly then it can still be an expensive endeavor.

2. itís a great achievement to complete this task and then be able to stand back and look at the great job you have done.

3. If you are into car restoration, it is one way you can cut down your expenses.

4. Often there is preliminary work that you will have to do yourself before you get to the point of car painting itself.

Reasons To Paint Your Shop In A Car

1. Its most likely a time saver. Unless you have the extra time to spend car painting, then this will be the route you want to go. Doní t forget thereís more to it than just putting the paint on.

2. The shop more than likely has much better car painting equipment then you would have. This means they can get a much more even finish.

3. The quality of the paint they use perhaps is better than what you are able to buy.

4. They know how to complete the necessary body work first as they have professionals on staff specifically for that job.

5. Reputable companies will stand behind their work. In other words they will give you some type of guarantee.

6. They have the commercial products to clean the car prior to car painting, which is extremely important.

7. They have the proper facilities, whereas if you do it yourself you may not be able to protect the car against the elements in case you canít get it finished.

So as you can see there are good and bad points for both arguments. If you can improvise and create the same circumstances as for the favorable points of using a shop then you may want to consider it. Car painting is a serious undertaking. Another thing you may want to consider as well is the value of the car. If itís a second vehicle or a fairly old one then maybe you donít want to pay the price of having it professionally painted. In this case you would probably be further ahead to do the car painting yourself. In these circumstances small flaws in the overall work isnít going to make that much of a difference.

The other point is if you have some experience with car painting or even other types of spray painting then you may be able to do a great job without putting it into a shop. These are all things you will need to consider. If you decide that you are going to do it yourself though it would be a good idea to read some ďhow toĒ books or watch a video on the subject.


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