Buying A Used Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is one of the most popular sports cars in America, with that comes a high demand for used Mustangs. Buying a new Mustang is as easy as choosing your options and driving off, however purchasing a used Mustang requires a great deal of care. Choosing the wrong car could cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs.

As with any sports car, Ford Mustangs are often driven hard. With abuse comes the need for maintenance. If proper maintenance is not followed, your new ponycar will likely become a money pit. Fear not, tips for finding potential problems are just a couple paragraphs away.

Another cause for concern is the installation of aftermarket parts. Many Mustang owners install performance parts, often times performed by owners inexperienced in the field of automotive repair. These aftermarket parts may not only be hard on other vehicle parts, but they may also void the factory warranty.

Before purchasing your Mustang, be certain to inspect the vehicle thoroughly - especially the drivetrain. If you're not qualified to properly diagnose engine, transmission, rearend, or other potential problems you should take the vehicle to a qualified mechanic. You don't want to have a wore out rear end, it's no fun especially when your friends find out.

Some of the common symptoms of an abused Mustang include rattles and squeeks in the suspension, grinding gears in a 5 speed, and a noisy engine or drivetrain. Be certain to check for tire tread, especially the rear tires. Mustang owners like to do hellacious burnouts with no respect to the tire manufacturers hard work.

Good luck with your Mustang purchase. These ponycars can be fast and reliable with proper care. Be certain you're getting the value and performance per dollar you expect and make an educated buying decision.

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Buying A Used Ford Mustang

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