Next Generation Of Hybrid Cars

Every once in a while, an invention comes along that gains so much popular attention that it may seem like it has been around forever. While the basic idea for the hybrid car has been around since 1917, the hybrids that we talk about on the market today have only really been around since the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius made their debuts in the 1990s.

Since that time, other dealers have become involved in the hybrid trade, in part thanks to government initiatives such as the Clinton administrationís agreement with Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors (Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles). What the growth in both popularity and diversity means is that several issues that have come up in the evolution of the hybrid car are being dealt with in the age old capitalist way of competition.

Hybrid cars have always lived up to their touted ability to save gas, but unless your soul is painted green this was not necessarily of any benefit to the average consumers. Most hybrid cars end up costing more than their standard engine counterparts over the long term, largely due to their initial cost. In addition, hybrid parts can be hard and expensive to obtain.

These are some of the key issues that need to be resolved from a consumerís perspective in order to make the mass purchase of hybrids by the public a reality. It should come as no surprise that in terms of long term cost, the original manufacturer of the hybrid, Toyota, is far ahead of its competitors when it comes to addressing the purchasing needs of consumers. This is currently the only model that over time will actually save a consumer some dollars because of gas savings. Here are some other models of hybrid cars slated for debut in the next few years.

Toyota Prius: Still the gold standard for hybrids, the Prius 2007 model is now being advertised for sale and is in the lot of a dealership near you. The model brags an incredible 110 miles to a single gallon. It is also expected that Toyota will continue to set the standard when it comes to speed for the hybrid (which has been another knock on hybrid vehicles, although they can maintain a legal speed along with any other model of vehicle just fine) as the 2004 model was designed to reach speeds of up to 130 miles per hour. $20,875 US dollars.

Ford Escape: The 2005 is the latest model in the Ford hybrid line, and is great for both domestic car enthusiasts and those who insist on having a sports utility vehicle. The Escape offers 50 miles to the gallon (keep in mind that it is an SUV) and all the luxuries of a standard model car. $27,000 USD.

Honda also offers three models in hybrid version, and these are a few thousand dollars less than Toyota models. As for hybrid luxuries, they might be in the near future as well, with Lexus and Mercedes working on perfecting their own models.

About the Author:

Frank Little maintains a website dedicated to exploring the most fuel effcient hybrid cars.


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