Cleaning Your Rims With A Pressure Washer

Some people give advice that you shouldn't wash your rims with a pressure washer. Our experience has been that you indeed can use a power washer without causing any damage to your wheel. Just use a washer that can have its pressure adjusted.

You may have discovered that cleaning your car rims by hand can be pretty difficult, but the job can be made a lot easier by properly using a pressure washer.

Cleaning rims using a pressure washer can be superior in eliminating the tough stains of ugly caked-on brake dust and grease from your wheels.

If you don’t own a portable pressure washer, you'll be able to buy one at very affordable prices online or at your neighborhood home improvement store.

To do a really good cleaning job you should also purchase a good, non abrasive rim cleaner. There are many top quality brands available online.

It only takes a little bit of rim cleaning solution to effectively clean rims in conjunction with a power washer.

Here's an easy step by step method.

1. Step back a couple of feet and a bit off to the side of the rim then rinse the rim from about 8 inches away. Be sure to spray into the crevices and spray from different angles.

2. Spray the rim using a circular motion around the outside of the wheel and be sure to rinse the tire as well.

3. Put the sprayer wand down and apply tire cleaning solution onto the tire.

4. Using the pressure washer, rinse the whole tire this time from about 5 inches away.

5. Now spray the rim with rim cleaner generously, following label directions. Usually you'll have to leave it sit on the rim for a few minutes to lift the debris.

6. Rinse the cleaner from the rim from about 8 inches away with the pressure washer.


2. Always clean the rims before you clean your tires and only clean your wheels after you've cleaned your car body. You don't want all that dirt from the body washing back onto your clean rims.

2. Dry your rims with an old bath towel. Optionally you can apply a light coat of car wax which will keep your rims clean longer and make your next washing easier by reducing the amount of dust that will "stick" to your rims.

So, remember, cleaning your wheels can be done easily and quickly.

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