Common Dealership Scams You Should

Be Aware Of!

Thinking of buying a car from your local dealership? Stop!
Before approaching any car dealership, you should be aware of a
few common scams put on by car dealerships. The following
descriptions of common tricks will enhance your understanding
about car dealership scams so that you can avoid becoming a


Low Balling - This is one of the tricks most commonly done by
dealers. They will try to convince the buyer that they can
provide the lowest possible price for the car thereby prompting
the buyer to start negotiations with the dealer. The salesman
will probably tell you that you can get the car that you want
for a lesser amount but when you are about to enter
negotiations, it turns out that you were not promised a lower
price after all. In the end, it is just an empty promise.
Trade In Scam - When you have already bought the car, the
salesman will try to contact you before your new car is
delivered and tell you that the initial pricing of the car was
$500 lower and would like to collect the balance from you. If
you fall for this, he will get an extra $500 at your expense.
Best Price Matching - When you tell the dealer that you will
try to look around and check other car dealerships, the
salesman will ask you to comeback when you get the best
possible price and he will offer to match it. By this time, you
will probably be too tired and sick of looking around. Chances
are that you will take their offer.
Spraying - What the dealer will do is to pursue you
relentlessly until you give up and buy the car. On the other
hand, if you decided to buy from another dealer, he will call
you and tell you that he could have given you a lower price
thus making you upset. To avoid this, you should not hand out
your contact number. Some even give wrong contact numbers just to evade very irritating car dealers.
Immediate Sale - The dealer will give you a very attractive
price but he will also make you believe that this deal can only
be made until the end of the day. This will cause you to think
too much and in the end, make the mistake of buying the car
without checking what other car dealers have to offer.
Extra Accessories - The dealer will offer to give you extras
like: car mats, window tinting, and other accessories. This
aims to stop you from asking for a lower price because of the
perceived "extras" that you will be receiving from the dealer.
It will slow down the price negotiations and divert your
attention away from the price.
Puppy Dog Trick - The dealer will allow you to take the car for
an overnight or for a whole day, his aim is for you to fall for
the car and buy it.
Let's face it: All of us want the best deal available when it
comes to buying cars. Thus, it is not uncommon that savvy car
dealerships will try to take advantage of this fact by pulling
some of the above tricks on you.

Before going to the local car dealer, you better have a good
idea of what he will be talking about. By knowing what they
will be using against you, you will have the necessary defenses
to counter-act when the time comes.

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car-related articles and resources.


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